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Upcoming Events

Welcome to the Air Canada Recreation Association (ACRA), we're excited to spread the news about local events and get employees and retirees like you involved.

Founded in 1943, ACRA has seen a lot of expansion over the years. Over 12 years ago, we joined in on the website craze and have loved watching the rise of social communities online. Everything you see here on our site is managed by Alan Rust and volunteer Wayne Albertson.

Although ACRA is designed for Air Canada employees, we're neither operated nor funded by Air Canada. As a result, our success depends on volunteers and active participants like you! Have a special talent? We'd love for you to contribute.

Get Involved

Here at ACRA, we make it easy to discover new events, register, pay and join in on the fun! From local events to yearly system activities, we offer a variety of options including bowling, golf, photography, badminton, hockey, skiing and so much more.

Our site is the official website for all ACRA events and news updates. And the best part? Every month we grow bigger in size. Today, we have eight different Chapters across Canada, as well as London, England and Frankfurt, Germany.

Explore our exciting events today or contact us to get something started in your city!

ACRA Chapters